PACKING – What to take on board

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carry on luggage

carry on luggage

My list of MUST HAVES for CARRY ON Luggage

Slowly I have developed many tips and tricks on packing for air travel.  As the kids have grown their needs have changed and so has how we pack.

The five of us take a carry on bag (we are yet to master the packing light method).  Majority of the 5 or so bags will be put in the overhead luggage and will only be accessed once or twice and are really only IN CASE of an emergency type of things.

CARRY ON BAG that I keep close

There is always a bag that I carry on that I like to have close and will need most of the things in there during the flight.  In that bag I like to have:

  • everyone’s iPads with chargers (most planes have a charging outlet in the seat)
  • everyone’s headphones
  • wet wipes
  • drink bottles filled with water (after customs)
  • snacks – dry, sealed, mess free
  • tissues
  • travel size moisturiser *
  • toothbrush and toothpaste *
  • eye drops *
  • my book
  • kids’ books and colouring in activities
  • thongs (flip flops) – the kids take their trainers off once they sit down on the plane and have thongs for the toilet visits

*items to be put in a clear zip lock bag for customsIMG_2047

MY HANDBAG with a small zipped bag inside

Most airlines allow a carry-on bag of around 7kg and a small handbag.  Inside my handbag I keep the following:

  • passport numbers written on a piece of paper – read why here
  • two pens – one blue, one black
  • all liquids in a zip lock bag labelled with my name (this is a MUST for customs) Liquids include toothpaste, eye drops, lipstick/gloss, moisturiser.

CARRY ON BAGS that go in the overhead locker

In the other bags that I take on board have a collection of items that I like to have so if anything does happen to our luggage we will survive for a few days or so.  In these bags I have:

  • a set of clothes in a labelled zip lock bag for each child – read why here
  • a new top/t-shirt for Billy and I
  • underwear for everybody
  • headache tablets and liquid paracetamol for the kids (check it is small than 100ml)
  • booking info that I have printed for the trip
  • extra snacks
  • travel ideas book

    everyone carries their own bags!

    everyone carries their own bags!

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  1. I am a massive fan of ziplock bags when travelling. My husband thinks I am bonkers but it makes life so much easier!

    1. I take a new box of snack size bags to put all the little bits and pieces we collect along the way. Like Lego or cards or little toys. So handy

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