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Staying in hotels no longer became an option for us when the kids got too long!  We have stayed in many places where they would sleep three across a queen sized bed.  We would be in a hotel room with two queen beds and they would happily? share.  The downside of this situation was once they were asleep it was hard for Billy and I to talk, watch the TV, plan our next day or even have the light on as we didn’t want to wake them.  Also there is no privacy at all in one room hotels.  This is ok for an overnight stay but not anything longer.


kids asleep too

This then led me to PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION and we have not looked back.

  1. AIRBnB

We have used Airbnb in many countries around the world.  The most recent was a stay in Tokyo city.  Tokyo hotels weren’t flexible in letting 5 people in one room.  The cost for two separate rooms for one week was going to cost us well over $5000.  This wasn’t an option for us.  And with no kitchen in hotel rooms this also adds to the cost of eating breakfast out and about.

We ended up with the most perfect place to stay called ‘The Oak’.  With a two minute walk to the metro train station, two separate bedrooms, a huge kitchen and bathroom.  We slept on a western bed while the kids slept on futons, what a novelty for them! Our total cost for the week was just under $1500.  Such a difference from my original hotel costs, a more unique local experience and breakfast could be eaten at home before leaving for the day.  This accommodation also came with pocket Wi-Fi so we could be connected whilst out and about.

2.  – Vacation Rentals By the Owners

This is a worldwide site but with  heavy North America traffic and many more places available in the North American continent than elsewhere.

This is my go to site for the USA and where I found Disneyland accommodation and two different White Christmas locations.



For some reason, Billy and I, are not keen on meeting the owners of the properties.  I think we want to feel like this is a hotel like situation but with the added benefits.  Also when you meet the owners you feel like you are invading their privacy and sleeping in their beds!  Luckily we have only met the owners once.  A Russian man in San Francisco who just wouldn’t leave and was so happy to stay and chat.  As lovely as he was we just wanted to relax and have a glass of wine without the landlord….

So the solution and this has been the case with the rest of our places, a CODE.  Once you have paid your accommodation and about a week out of your rental time you will be sent a code.  This may be the code to the front door or a padlock which holds the keys.  Either way the CODE is a wonderful way to arrive when you need to and not hold up the owners while they wait for you and also no awkward chats with friendly Russians.

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  1. Hi Debbie, how do you pay for the private accommodation in Disneyland please? I am hoping to take my family next year.

    1. Hi Lyn,
      There are a few options when paying. With Airbnb the funds are paid via PayPal to the Airbnb company then released to the property owner after your stay. uses PayPal also or a money transfer to the owner. Initially you will be asked to pay a deposit to hold the property and a bond fee. The bond is held on your credit card, not charged, unless you damage the property. We have never had any issues with payment and felt safe doing so. PayPal has its own security and if there is an issue they will refund your money.

  2. Great tips, thank you so much… we are from New Zealand but have been to California a few times because of the massive skate scene there. We usually end up staying close to Disney because the park we frequent the most is just a few blocks away. It is great to know that there are more options than just the local hotels. I had planned to check airbnb next but will definitely try out your other options.

    1. Thanks for the visit Chareese, we also love to skate and have braved the Venice Beach Skate park. Where do you skate in Anaheim? My husband collects skateboards too! Such a fun time packing to come home.

  3. We once stayed in a private house down the coast in Victoria. We had an issue and had to contact the owners parents who were listed whilst they were overseas visiting family. Long story short- we are now friends with them! Turns out they had decided to rent out their place to fund their OS trip and were SO grateful that they had a caring family with a young child(same as them)staying in thier home. They were so nervous about having strangers in their house. They have since offered us their home whenever they go OS again for free! Funny how things work out sometimes xox

  4. I really want to try Air B’nb but I get nervous about following through and always end up booking a hotel. But I love the idea of it! Bit like Uber. Lol. I always end up getting a taxi because it’s familiar.

  5. We’re just about to embark on our first proper vacation with 2 kids, if it goes well we hope there will be many more! thanks for the tips, I love the idea of staying in a house, just seems more authentic somehow! Thanks!

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